333 N Fairfax Street is Going Green!

Does your company value green and efficient space? If so, you’ve come to the right place: Simpson properties is excited to announce brand new, energy efficient, and clean office space upgrades at 333 N Fairfax Street, as well as a completely renovated 4th floor. We have made a significant investment in both green and smart building technology, and as a result are significantly reducing our overall energy consumption costs and have created one of the safest spaces in Alexandria, an absolute necessity during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

From heating and cooling, to fresh air intake, to smart technology, 333 N Fairfax Street is unique from other Alexandria office buildings. It incorporates interactive technology that not only enhances individual user experience but at the same time, reduces our energy consumption. For example:

  • Our old heating/cooling RTU units service the air outside of the building prior to sending the air into the building. Our new VRF units service the air as it comes into the building, traveling a shorter distance which results in increased efficiency.
  • Our new DOAS (fresh air intake) system is intelligent and adjusts the amount of fresh air coming into the building based on CO2 levels, resulting in increased system efficiency.
  • Our new heating and cooling system also cools or heats spaces based on occupancy, which means if the conference room is empty but the reception area is occupied, the reception area will be cooled and the conference room not adjusted.
  • New smart technology in the lights and HVAC system track data like suite activity, and allows actions or tasks to be pinned to certain data and users. For example, when a client enters 333 N Fairfax Street, their intelligent office space recognizes them and begins cooling their office to their desired temperature and also switches on the lights.
  • Energy efficient LED lights have been installed and cost less to operate per square foot and offer great energy savings.
  • Tenants benefit from lower OPEX due to energy savings.
  • Live dashboard to track real time energy consumption.
  • Using Passive Solar to help heat and cool the space more efficiently.
  • New water saving fixtures, new insulation, & much more!

Why lease green office space? Mark Giuliani explains his reasoning behind leasing smart and green space, specifically in The Essex Office Building.

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